New book by GUCP – Global Urban Competitiveness Project: “The Impact of COVID on Cities and Regions. Policy Responses of Local Leaders”

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has arguably caused some of the most noticeable and influential societal and economic changes since World War Two. This path-breaking book investigates these changes and the subsequent responses of urban policy makers.

Chapters offer keen insights into the methods differing urban regions have utilized to cope with their changing economic circumstances. With a global scope, the book focuses on the various significant impacts of the pandemic including effects on the employment of women and minorities, central city vitality, and the futures of small or isolated regions. Ultimately, it examines how policy makers are dealing with the prospective decline of social categories and of the vitality of their cities.

Students and academics of such disciplines as urban policy, economic geography, and public policy will find the conclusions offered by this book to be imperative for the development of current research agendas. It will additionally be beneficial for policy makers working in urban and regional government bodies.

Contributors: Ines Aquilué-Junyent, Mattia Bertin, Ed Blakely, Luis Carvelho, Koen Dittrich, Gianfranco Franz, Vittorio Galletto, Daniele Ietri, Peter Karl Kresl, Isela Orihuela, Daniele Rossi-Doria, Javier Ruiz-Sanchez, Sabrina Sgambati, Shaleen Singhal, Jaime Sobrino, Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay, Joan Trullen, Leo van den Berg, Erwin van Tuijl, Madhhurima Waghmare