deep map lab is a laboratory/project intended to promote the development of multi-disciplinary methodologies of representing territories, intended for supporting the policy making.

deep map lab is based at the Free University of Bolzano-Bozen, and is part of the project “Studi sul Qui“, by geographers and film-makers Daniele Ietri and Eleonora Mastropietro

The key features of the “deep mapping” projects produced by the group are:

  • a mixed working group, which includes professionals, scholars and artists/performers;
  • strong connection with the territories and intense fieldwork, with participation of insiders and outsiders;
  • implementation of multi-disciplinary methodologies, both in the research and dissemination;
  • multi-disciplinary outputs (including performance, scholarly and non-scholarly writings, film, events…);
  • focus on policy issues and territorial planning/policies.

The “deep mapping” projects performed by the lab are specifically intended for territories that – for their size, geography, socio-economic status, etc – are considered as peripheral / marginal / fragile / internal and thus frequently struggle in making their voices heard or their issues visible e.g. at the upper levels of government or at a larger audience.

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deep map lab is coordinated by Daniele Ietri